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Rules of the Holy Quran

This course is specially designed for students who are about to learn reading the Qur’an. This course will be great and benefit to them. This course enhances the ability and skill of students to read the Qur’an properly and helps in recitation with rules. Adults can also increase their ability to read the Qur’an with their pronunciation and rules through this course and benefit from this great opportunity.

Recitation of the Holy Quran

In this course, students are taught the rules and regulations of Tajweed as well as practice. This enables the students to recite the Holy Quran in an excellent manner. Our capable, experienced and trained teachers pay special attention and work hard for their students outcome.

Translation of the Holy Quran

This course doesn’t only teach translation to the students but also enables the students to translate the Holy Quran word by word. Salah, Six Kalimas and Masnoon prayers. In this course, the complete method of prayer is taught and memorized in Arabic language as well as six kalimas, and the supplications are taught so that the students can live their lives according to Islamic etiquette.

Explanation of the Holy Quran

The main purpose of the revelation of the Holy Quran is to understand it and live your life according to it. This course is one step ahead of the translation of the Holy Quran. The Qur’anic verses are explained in the commentary in such a way as to clarify true concept and teachings of Islam. They also offer comparisons to develop students’ abilities and potential.

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Our professional quran teachers are available for to learn reciting, translating, and explaining quran in the most effective way.

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